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Starfleet Registry for the U.S.S. Zebulon

Starfleet Records - The U.S.S. Zebulon

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The U.S.S. Zebulon-C

Like the Galaxy-X "Dreadnought," this Venture Refit is also fitted with a third warp nacelle and a laser lance. The Zebulon-C was thought lost in time but reappeared outside the Earth Spacedocks on Stardate 87695.81 after, from the perspective of the crew, having been pulled through an anomaly from their time and deposited into the future. The U.S.S. Zebulon spent several weeks devising a way home but were unsuccessful. Unable to find a safe way home, Captain Zeryn Z. Zebular and her crew accepted (re)admittance into Starfleet four months later.

The Captain & Senior Officers of the U.S.S. Zebulon-C

The Captain

Full Name: Zeryn Zebulon Zebular
Short Name: Zebular (@Captain Zebular)
Starfleet Rank: Vice Admiral, Field Captain
Starfleet Serial: SZ-872-112
Fleet Registry: Fleet Admiral of the Betazed Patrol
Diplomatic Registry: Starfleet Ambassador, Betazed Ambassador, Son of the Thirteenth House of Betazed

Species: Half-Betazoid, Half-Human
Birth Date: Stardate 27481.22
Birth Place: Rixx City, Betazed
Biography: “An honorary Vice Admiral, Betazed Ambassador and Starfleet Captain, Zeryn serves both Stafleet and the Federation as well as Betazed System Space with his experience at negotiating peace through diplomacy and trade. While Captain Zebular prefers to negotiate, his ship and crew are armed with advanced weaponry capable of taking on most hostile obstacles.”

“Only half Betazoid through one of his mother's human imzadis, Zeryn was born without any empathic and telepathic abilities. With his human father serving Starfleet and never feeling truly Betazoid, Zeryn left home to join Starfleet on Earth when he was only 16. After five years of service to Starfleet, he was assigned his first command. Ten years later, on the maiden voyage of the fourth ship to have his command, Captain Zebular, the U.S.S. Zebulon-C (NX-91333-C) and her crew, were pulled through a spacial anomily from their alternate timeline, arriving in the Sol System on Stardate 87695.81.”

“Captain Zebular, his Venture-X class starship and her crew were (re)inducted and Officially Enlisted into Starfleet four months later. At the formal welcome home reception held for the crew of the U.S.S. Zebulon, Zeryn was reunited with his two great-gransons, Captain Nyrez* and Commander Teilbor of Starfleet. Commander Teilbor put in a transfer for Ship's Counselor aboard the the U.S.S. Zebulon the following day and was accepted later that evening. Captain Nyrez continues to command the U.S.S. Lwaxana, an Intrepid Class Starship, within the Betazed Patrol Fleet, now under the command of his Great-Grandfather.”

((*Nyrez is an alternate character. Tielbor is a bridge officer.))

The Crew

Data in progress...

Original U.S.S. Zebulon (NX-91333)Starship Registry Logs

The U.S.S. Zebulon (NX-91333)
U.S.S. Zebulon  
NX Class
Light Escort
The U.S.S. Zebulon-D (NX-91333-D)
U.S.S. Zebulon-D  
Star Cruiser
The U.S.S. Zebulon-A (NX-91333-A)
U.S.S. Zebulon-A  
Constitution Class
Light Cruiser
The U.S.S. Zebulon-E (NX-91333-E)
U.S.S. Zebulon-E  
Imperial Class
Assault Cruiser
The U.S.S. Zebulon-B (NX-91333-B)
U.S.S. Zebulon-B  
Galaxy Class
Exploration Cruiser Refit
The U.S.S. Zebulon-F (NX-91333-F)
U.S.S. Zebulon-F  
Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit
The U.S.S. Zebulon-C (NX-91333-C)
U.S.S. Zebulon-C  
Venture-X Class
Galaxy Dreadnought Cruiser
The U.S.S. Zebulon-G (NX-91333-G)
U.S.S. Zebulon-G  
Odyssey Class

Shuttlecraft of the U.S.S. Zebulon-C

The U.S.S. Tabby (NX-91333-Y)
U.S.S. Zebulon-Y  
Danube Class
Danube Class Runabout
The U.S.S. Tracer (NX-91333-Z)
U.S.S. Zebulon-Z  
Delta Class
Delta Flyer Shuttlecraft
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